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Growth Plan Series - Part 1

Growth Plans are not created for the sake of it. They are a tool designed to take you somewhere so the first step is to find where this “somewhere” is.

The world today is too dynamic to plan for the long term. Nevertheless, chances are that your dream is not going to be reachable within the short term.

However, a growth plan is a practical tool, therefore it needs to focus on the planable future. Consequently, there are always two destinations to look at - the horizon (the farthest you can clearly see) and the Dream (the ultimate destination).

The destination on the horizon must obviously be on the path to the Dream but it will take a few iterations to take you there.

This is why we start with the Dream - to ensure that the consecutive plans will be on the path to it.

How do you define a Dream? This sounds like a philosophical question but it is a very practical one.

Different methods might work for different people. Here are a few:

  1. Close your eyes and think how your organisation will look when you will be able to sit back and say to yourself “I’ve done it”

  2. Paint it. Literally. If you have the talent put brushes to paper and paint a picture of how it will look.

  3. Write an executive summary - a letter to the board describing the organisation at the end of the year when the Dream will have become a reality

Whatever works for you, so long as you do it honestly. It must be your Dream, not anyone around you.

In the following parts we will fill in the blank spaces from the starting point to the dream

Click HERE to continue to the next article in the series - Motivation and Drive.


Ⓒ This is a part of a series of articles about Growth Plans.

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