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What does strategic planning have to do with motivation?

In my 35 years in the corporate world I participated in dozens of #ODT (outdoor training) activities. They were all designed to add something to the team’s knowledge and experience and galvanise #teamwork while having fun.

Without exception only the last bit worked – most of them were fun but very little knowledge was added. And when the fun dissipated after a few days, so did the teamwork. A few hours out of the office were simply no alternative to a proper organisational #culture.

When I created Stratagility® I did not think of it as a tool to increase team #morale and #motivation. What does strategic planning indeed have to do with motivation?

The fact is that it does, to an amazing level, and it’s still a piece of magic to me but when I think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Today’s employees are not (only) looking for fun and games, and ice-cream machines and gaming consoles, entertaining as they are, are not more impactful than ODT.

Employees want to be engaged, listened to, and feel they matter.

And what is better than letting them be involved in defining the organisation’s #values and future, and including them in creating it?

This is (part of) the magic of Stratagility®. #Involvement > #engagement > #accountability > #results. The happy team is the icing on the cake.

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