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Pickup the £&@#% phone!

Nearly 18 years ago I got sacked. It started as a simple disagreement with my boss but

instead of calling him and sorting it out we had both got into a pissing contest via emails that ended up with me losing my job (so did he a bit later).

Last week I had the opposite experience - I had met with a promising customer that initially loved my offer but when I sent him a contract he replied with some worries. I sent an answer by email and when he sent back a reply I called him. In a 5 minute conversation the problem has been sorted, the customer signed up (my biggest ever!) and everyone's happy.

Many people find it easier to send an email (oftentimes with too many cc's) instead of initiating a conversation. It probably has to do with the comfort of hiding behind a keyboard, that on top of removing the personal touch also allows some (misplaced) courage to write in a language we will never use verbally. Sometimes it ends up in a mess.

So next time you start sending and receiving emails back and forth pick up the £&@#% phone and have a decent conversation. I grant you the results will be better.

Have you ever wished you had picked up the phone instead of sending an email?

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