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Newsletters - The Best ROI on B2B Marketing Bar None

There are numerous ways to market your business. This post deals with B2B marketing only and focuses on the one method I have found to have the best ROI of all - newsletters.

These days social media is all the rave. I don’t discount this channel as its success is well proven but in my experience newsletters provide the best ROI hands-down.

The optimal scenario is when you already have a mailing list of contacts who have been in touch with you over the years. These are people and/or companies who gave you their contact details and will therefore not have any grief receiving an email from you; but even if you don’t, there are enough suppliers of vetted and GDPR-compliant mailing lists that you can purchase. The costs vary but since most suppliers will allow you to zoom in on any segment that is of interest to you, it is not too difficult to find a list that will have enough addresses but not cost too much.

Don’t bother with mailing addresses and phone numbers. All you want are email addresses, company name, and contact name.

If your website is built on any of the popular website building apps there is already a built-in email marketing functionality. Popular CRM systems also include such functionality but even if you have a website built by a specialist from scratch don’t despair - there are neutral tools you can use.

Each of the above has its costs and limits so do your research but the tool is of secondary importance. The most important thing is the newsletter itself. Some rules:

  • Send one every month, or at least a quarter

  • Write a catchy headline that will encourage receivers to open it

  • Big on photos, little on text - limit the amount of text to a minimum. If you want to expand on anything enter a link and invite receivers to read more on your website or blog

  • More news, less letter - write something that adds value to the reader. They will be less interested in reading about your recent commercial success unless what you did can benefit them so try to find something that will

  • Proof-read - every tool that creates newsletters allows you to send a test so send one to yourself and to someone else to make sure it looks enticing and is error-free

  • Adhere to GDPR rules. The last thing you want is to get embroiled in a lawsuit from a disgruntled recipient

There are plenty of newsletter tutorials on the Internet. Find one that you like and read it. You will not find a higher ROI rate than a proper newsletter.

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