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(More) Business Tips from the Football Pitch

You don't have to be a Manchester United fan to notice the bold business lessons that can be learned from the mismanagement of this team over the last 10 years. Without any inside knowledge here are some:

- Values matter: the American owners of this great club have zero interest in football. For them it's a net financial investment and everything else can go to waste. It didn't matter for a few years when there was a great manager at the top (Sir Alex Ferguson) but since his retirement this weakness has been exposed at a great price.

- A true leader can make a huge change - the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjær in 2018 had a magic effect on the players' performance, the fans' spirit and the results.

- Leadership without a plan can only take you so far - it is unclear if Ole did not have a plan or if the club management didn't let him implement it but the lack thereof was apparent, and so was the downfall.

- Team spirit is paramount - the last few months demonstrated this in bright (dark?) colours. The pundits keep talking about the players' body language, and it shows. There is no lack of talent on the pitch - in fact, the same team has been able to show great results just a couple of years ago but something went amiss and they are all deflated. The 0-4 defeat to Brighton last Saturday was just the bitter icing and a foul cake.

An organisation that wants to thrive cannot ignore these very basic ideas.

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