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Growth Plan Series - Part 6

The best intentions in the world will probably always remain intentions without a plan. Growth is not an exception.

In this series you have been provided with a detailed process on how to create an actionable growth plan for your organisation.

If you manage a micro-company you can (and probably will) do it yourself. If, however, you have a bigger company and a team than you are better off having a facilitator manage this process as otherwise you risk to dominate the discussion or completely ignore all the contribution your leadership team must have.

However you do it, each of the elements in the plan are important:

  • WHY: Values is the glue that holds it together

  • WHERE TO: Without a clear goal you don’t know where to go. Paraphrasing on what the Cheshire cat said to Alice, if you don’t know where you want to go any road will take you there

  • WHERE FROM: the starting point will affect the routes available to you and the routes will determine where you will get to

  • HOW: very little (if anything) will happen without an execution plan

Remember not to waste time creating a detailed plan for more than one year. Chances are that what you see now will be different from what you will be able to see in 12 months time so zoom in on the next year and repeat the process when the year is out.

Leaders and due dates are critical. Without accountable leaders things will fall in the cracks and without due dates they will drag on forever.

You can download a template to help you follow this process HERE.



Ⓒ This is a part of a series of articles about Growth Plans.

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