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  • What is GROWTH?
    GROWTH is a tried-and-tested process, designed to help SMEs catapult to their next stage. If your business has grown a bit and you feel there is a potential for more growth but are struggling to achieve it, GROWTH can help. It has already done so with many other businesses. Starting with a one-day workshop it will guide your organisation to define the following: 1. WHY - what is your ultimate goal, your final destination 2. WHO - the values that define you 3. WHERE - your current position as a starting point 4. WHAT - The boosters that will take you to the next phase 5. HOW - The practical plan to get there To be practical, GROWTH focuses on boosters that can be utilised in the next 3 years as it is unrealistic to assume that plans you make today will still be relevant in 5 years' time. I then goes on to create a detailed plan for the next 12 months, breaking it down further to quarterly goals and weekly tasks, and includes review meetings every month to make sure everything is on track. An added benefit, and a massive one for that matter is the huge boost to your team engagement and morale as a result of participating in the process. GROWTH transforms organisations.
  • What is mentoring?
    When Odysseus left Athens to go to Troy he left his son, Telemachus with Odysseus's friend Mentor and asked him to be a surrogate father during his absence. In the business context mentor is an experienced person who shares their experience and knowledge with somene less expereinced. I support SME owners/managers by leaning on my vast experienced as an exec utive in small, medium, and large organisations. My aim is to reach a point when you don't need me anymore and to this end I try to be more of a sounding board than a loudspeaker - leverare your ideas with my input to find the right solutions for you at any given time. It can be about anything - sales, marketing, finance, legal, human resources - I've done them all and can help you become a better manager.
  • What is executive coaching?
    The term "coach" originates in sports. A good sports coach will not tell the person they work with what to do but challenge them to focus on what works, what doesn't, and why, and then find ways to get better results. A business coach is not very different. As a coach I will mostly listen and ask questions that are designed to observe your behaviour, as well as the people around you, and help you find a way to become a better leader.
  • How is mentoring different from coaching?
    In short, mentoring is about management skills while coaching is about leadership. Another way to look at it is that mentoring is about the organisation while coaching is about the person being coached.
  • How long does it take to make an exit?
    it's a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string" but not exactly as a piece of string can be as short as you want it to be while a proper exit process can't. If your business is in a perfect position and you are not too picky about who the buyer will be and what they will do with the business once you sell it can be as short as six months. It is more likely, though that it will take longer. There are multiple reasons for this but the end result is that it can take up to three years to sell a business under the terms you are aiming for.
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